The Victorian House | Davenport Wedding

Brittany and Demetrius have a beautiful, fun, and exciting love! Their wedding day was a definite reflection of this connection that they share. Their families and friends were some of the most excited guests that I have ever encountered. They loved both Demetrius and Brittany and were eager to see them vow to love one another for the rest of their days.

Everyone was a part of the Davenport’s big day! The guests were all wearing variations of the pink/coral color scheme. I have never seen this successfully executed before, and I was very¬†impressed. It was a nice visual representation of how they are standing in support of this relationship.

Brittany is a gymnastics teacher who has made an impact on many of her students and their sweet families. In the crowd, along with many of their family and friends, were some of Brittany’s students. A few of them made an appearance in her bridal party. They had so much fun wearing their big poofy white dresses, dancing, and spinning around. It added to the love and character of this day.

Brittany did a great job styling the day. The flowers, her dress, her flower girls, the center pieces, the cake- all of these details were so specially handcrafted, giving the wedding a lot of character. Demetrius styled the look for he and his groomsmen. Everyone could see the work that he had put in to the details- from the groomsmen’s hats, to their white suit jackets, and their intense sock game.

Brittany’s adorable little dog was also a big part of this day. You might see him make an appearance in many of these photos. He was pulled down the aisle in a cute wagon reading “Here comes my mommy!” He had on a little suit of his own and worked through the crowds to spend every possible moment with his “mom,” Brittany.

Upon arriving at the venue, we were a little concerned that it might rain. It was windy and the sky was not showing much hope. However, as wedding days often hold a sense of magic, the sky opened up, eventually producing sun and beautiful weather for the day’s festivities.

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