Proposal on a Dallas Rooftop | Matt & Kaylee

Matt orchestrated the most beautiful proposal for his now fiancé, Kaylee.

Matt attempted to take Kaylee to this scenic spot in Downtown Dallas on his first date with Kaylee, but found the rooftop doors locked that day. Fast forward to today, and Matt used this breathtaking spot to ask the love of his life to be his forever.

As it was nearing sunset, Matt set up candle lights to set the mood and intensify the already beautiful surroundings. Friends and family helped him to set up the proposal location and remained close for a little rooftop party to celebrate after she said yes.

Kaylee thought she was going to a rooftop concert with two of her friends while Matt was hanging out with friends in Oklahoma. However, Kaylee was pleasantly surprised when she saw Matt standing in front of her atop the rooftop.

Kaylee was shocked and giddy as she saw her dreams come true right before her eyes.



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