Sarah Senior 2017

Sarah is so gifted in many areas! She has big dreams and she has already accomplished so much during her time in high school. For her senior shoot, we were able to encompass her giftings and talents and showcase the dreams that she is going to continue to chase past graduation!

Sarah is a competitive track athlete. It seems as though she is always winning medals and breaking records. She is going to continue pursuing her love for track and running at a Division 1 school! We got to spend some time together shooting at the track and get some shots of her in action!

Next, we headed to shoot Sarah with one of her favorite airplanes. Despite only being in high school, Sarah has dedicated a lot of time into learning how to fly and maintain airplanes. It won’t be long until she has her own pilots license! We got to shoot with an airplane that matched her track uniform- combining two of her passions!

I’m excited to see how Sarah continues to blossom as a beautiful, multi-talented girl. Her joy and contagious smile will light up any circle.


PLANS AFTER GRADUATION?  “I am joining the sprinter team with OSU and majoring in Aviation there.”

sarah-4134 sarah-4087

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE… “Spending the day flying an airplane or at a track meet.”

sarah-4072 sarah-4166

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “My friends and the teachers… NOT the homeowork!”

sarah-4051 sarah-4068

MY DREAM PURCHASE… “I would love to purchase an airplane!”

sarah-4156 sarah-4030

DREAM JOB? “To be a pilot or an airplane mechanic!”

sarah-4080 sarah-4106

FAVORITE SONG? “Everything is Awesome!”

sarah-4313 sarah-4252 sarah-4300

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “Phillips Flying Ranch!”

sarah-4381 sarah-4376

FAVORITE THING TO PIN TO PINTEREST? I don’t.  If I did it would probably relate to airplanes, my kitties, track or something like that…on Facebook I posted the Metal Man Mailbox holder I welded.”






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