Dallas Senior Photographer | Elisabeth 2017

I had such a great time spending this fall afternoon with Elisabeth. She is a woman of many, many talents with a wonderful future ahead of her!

Elisabeth looked beautiful in both the city and nature backdrops, incorporating both into this session was a lot of fun. I love, love, LOVE her stunning cobalt blue dress and don’t get me started on how much I loved photographing Elisabeth with her guitar and ukelele!

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5660 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5651

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: “I plan to go to college at Baylor University!”

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5625 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5622

FAVORITE SONG? “Every Tear” by Matthew West

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5612 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5547

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… “Italy, or really any place in Europe. But I’ve always wanted to go to Italy for some reason. Also I’d love to go to Israel…” 

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5568 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5525

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN…. “So far I’ve really enjoyed Junior year the most because we got our lettermen jackets, became a part of NHS, became Seniors at graduation, and I ran for (and became a part of) Student Council for 2016/2017. I’m really excited for this school year.” 

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5556 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5603

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… “Either one spent just relaxing and having fun with my closest friends, or one spent doing anything music-related.”

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5590 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5425

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “A pool, my house, or my friend Baylee’s house.”


WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “Music, audio recording, and videography. Volleyball a bit too.”

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5443 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5421 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5410

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “A Nord Piano 2 (electric keyboard) for performances and YouTube videos.”  

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5486 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5453 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5481

DREAM JOB? “Right now my biggest dream for a job is being in the worship band at Lake Pointe Church. I think I would be the happiest if I had a job that involved music, like in a recording studio or something.” 

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5495 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5509 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5513

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Ever since you started photography I’ve wanted to use you just because I know you and I’d be more comfortable with someone that I’ve had the chance to know. Plus over the years I’ve watched your posts and seen your work and I’ve really come to admire it. I love how your senior pictures from last year turned out.”




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