Bailey- 2017 Senior

Bailey’s senior shoot was a unique and fun one! Bailey loves animals, so much so, that she plans to study to become a veterinarian! To incorporate her love for animals in her session, she brought along her sweet pup and her hedgehog! Getting animals to look at the camera is not the easiest, but we managed to still capture their adorable-ness and have fun while doing so!

Bailey has beautiful crystal blue eyes. The sunshine and light breeze made for a lovely day and added a pop of color to the nature scenery. Here are a few favorites from our shoot!

geyer-high-school-senior-8175 geyer-high-school-senior-8181

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? “I plan to go to UNT to study biology and then eventually go to vet school!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8202 geyer-high-school-senior-8205

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “I enjoy taking my dogs to the park!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8376 geyer-high-school-senior-8380


geyer-high-school-senior-8362 geyer-high-school-senior-8316

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “Being an athletic trainer!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8385 geyer-high-school-senior-8299

DREAM JOB? “To be a wildlife vet!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8421 geyer-high-school-senior-8436 geyer-high-school-senior-8274

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… “Australia or the jungle somewhere!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8282 geyer-high-school-senior-8285 geyer-high-school-senior-8518

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “The Walking Dead!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8492 geyer-high-school-senior-8532 geyer-high-school-senior-8478

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? “I like to pin foods and things for my pets!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8459 geyer-high-school-senior-8471

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Because you take good pictures!



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