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Wylie Prep Senior Photographer: Emily 2016

Emily and I had a blast during our session. She had recently returned from her Senior Trip to NYC with several of her classmates! New York served as an inspiration for some of Emily’s outfits and the vision for our shoot. We found the closest thing to uptown New York in Dallas as possible, and I’m very happy with this new location 🙂

Emily’s style is super chic and trendy. I told her that she could totally be a fashion blogger, and it’s something that she’s thought of doing before! She’s a dreamer with big plans, and I love the answers on her survey that you will see below. She said her biggest pet peeve is “When people underestimate what she can accomplish.” What an encouragement to hear from a high school senior! I love that she believes in herself, and I know that it will take her far. The city looks good on you Emily! I’m excited for what your future holds.

City Senior Girl Photography-9510 City Senior Girl Photography-9480 City Senior Girl Photography-9531

PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? I am currently deciding between Baylor and Oklahoma University for next year! I plan to major in industrial engineering and also come out with my MBA. I am also going to rush my freshman year!City Senior Girl Photography-9522 City Senior Girl Photography-9499 City Senior Girl Photography-9516

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? Everything I bought in my recent trip to Manhattan, NYC!!City Senior Girl Photography-9576 City Senior Girl Photography-9570 City Senior Girl Photography-9580 City Senior Girl Photography-9595

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? People who underestimate what I can accomplish!City Senior Girl Photography-9622 Dallas Senior Photography City Senior Girl Photography-9665 City Senior Girl Photography-9673

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? Makeup, hair, animals, outfits, travel, and food!City Senior Girl Photography-9725 City Senior Girl Photography-9719 City Senior Girl Photography-9757

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? Grilled cheese and my Yorkie Puppies!City Senior Girl Photography-9685 City Senior Girl Photography-9686 City Senior Girl Photography-9692 City Senior Girl Photography-9705

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? My bed+Netflix.City Senior Girl Photography-9765 Untitled City Senior Girl Photography-9792 City Senior Girl Photography-9793

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… Going on a shopping spree with my mom in New York City.City Senior Girl Photography-9828 City Senior Girl Photography-9806 City Senior Girl Photography-9846 City Senior Girl Photography-9847

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO? Paris, France!City Senior Girl Photography-9872 Untitled3 City Senior Girl Photography-9868 City Senior Girl Photography-9874

DREAM JOB? To work as a high end fashion buyer in New York City.
City Senior Girl Photography-9908 Untitled2 City Senior Girl Photography-9939

FAVORITE SONG? YOUTH by Troye SivanCity Senior Girl Photography-9988 City Senior Girl Photography-9977 City Senior Girl Photography-9979

FAVORITE TV SHOW? Friends!City Senior Girl Photography-9999 City Senior Girl Photography-0010 City Senior Girl Photography-0004 City Senior Girl Photography-0029 City Senior Girl Photography-0059

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? I have been on your website and I love the coloring in the pictures you take! I also think you could make my pictures very unique and different 🙂

Rockwall Heath Senior: Madison 2016

Madison is one of my 2016 Senior Model Reps. I had been looking forward to our shoot together all year! I was very happy when she said that she wanted an urban shoot because I felt like it meshed perfectly with her style. Deep Ellum is my favorite urban spot, and this weekend we happened to be there during their annual art festival.

The town was pretty busy during our shoot, but we were also able to hear some of the live music, adding to the unique urban scenery of Deep Ellum. Madison’s dark hair and beautiful smile really stood out in the colorful city scenery.

Dallas Senior Pictures-6723 Dallas Senior Pictures-6726

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? To attend Paul Mitchell Beauty School and attend Collin Community College!Dallas Senior Pictures-6710 Dallas Senior Pictures-6706 Dallas Senior Pictures-6699

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? New Hairstyle Ideas!Dallas Senior Pictures-6739 Dallas Senior Pictures-6748 Dallas Senior Pictures-6750 Untitled

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? My living room!Dallas Senior Pictures-6758 Dallas Senior Pictures-6760 Dallas Senior Pictures-6775

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… Taking my dog to the dog park and just enjoying being outside! Dallas Senior Pictures-6851 Dallas Senior Pictures-6829 Dallas Senior Pictures-6838

THE FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL FOR ME HAS BEEN… Joining the drill team!Dallas Senior Pictures-6859 Dallas Senior Pictures-6876 Dallas Senior Pictures-6890

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO? Disney World! Even though I have been so many times.
Dallas Senior Pictures-6893 Dallas Senior Pictures-6898 Dallas Senior Pictures-6905

DREAM JOB? To be a hair stylist and an elementary school teacher!Dallas Senior Pictures-6923 Dallas Senior Pictures-6932 Dallas Senior Pictures-6943

FAVORITE SONG? “Red Ragtop” By Tim McgrawDallas Senior Pictures-6954 Dallas Senior Pictures-6960 Dallas Senior Pictures-6989

FAVORITE TV SHOW? Any cooking show!Dallas Senior Pictures-6996 Dallas Senior Pictures-7009 Dallas Senior Pictures-7020

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? Because she is close to my age and can relate to the new style!Dallas Senior Pictures-7040

Quinlan Senior Photographer: Erika 2016

Oh! Where do I even begin? I had so much fun with Erika, her mother Debbie, and her boyfriend Carlos! We started our shoot with a bang! Right when the three of them stepped out of their car, I could tell how excited they were for time together. Erika’s mom, Debbie, told me that they followed all of my suggested guidelines in my welcome packet email (WOW oh WOW do I love to hear this)! I have gathered my past experiences and information to create a lot of helpful guidelines in planning for senior picture day; this information is located in the initial senior welcome email my clients receive. They told me that Erika created a timeline based off of my example, for how her day was supposed to unfold.They scheduled their professional hair and make up, and arrived at the location without any traffic getting in their way. They said the schedule really helped them to stay organized and the day run smoothly; they liked the schedule so much, that they even plan to use it for prom too! (Okay, I’ll stop bragging on my welcome packet now and get to the point).

Erika did not realize it at the beginning of our shoot, but she is a natural beauty in front of the camera! I enjoyed watching her grow in confidence from my side of the lens. Carlos and her mother provided her with a lot of funny opportunities to laugh, and we also found that Erika has a gorgeous serious face 😉 We could not have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect and all of my favorite spring flowers were in bloom!

Colorful Senior Girl Pose-5915

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? Attend college and become a physical therapy assistant!americana-1 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6068

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? My cap and gown- one step closer to graduation!Colorful Senior Girl Pose-5917 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6048

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? People smacking their food and gum!Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6064 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-5999

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? Recipes for food!!!Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6010 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6031 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-5988

Colorful Senior Girl Pose-5958 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6119 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6171

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? Anywhere with friends and family!
Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6139 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6207

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… Sun shining and a nice breeze; it makes my day!Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6220 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6231

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… Definitely the pep rallies and growing up with my class for all of these years. Untitled1 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6287

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO TRAVEL TO…. Cancun Mexico!Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6294 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6267

UntitledFAVORITE SONG? “Fishing in the Dark” Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6308 Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6298

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? Because she’s the best at what she does! 🙂

Colorful Senior Girl Pose-6301

Royse City Senior Photographer: Destiny 2016

Destiny’s session was one that I will never forget. She inspired me from the beginning of her shoot with her uniqueness and beauty. We had a lot of deep conversations throughout our shoot that were very encouraging to me. We talked about what we are passionate about and how important it is to our lives. Destiny reminded me of he many reasons I originally fell in love with photography and the impact it can have on people’s lives. Destiny talked about how thankful she was to find how passionate she was about music in High School, and also, how she was excited to study animal biology to work in wildlife recovery and preservation.

It was beautiful to watch Destiny grow in confidence throughout our shoot. I’m so thankful for this incredible afternoon.

Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5336 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5371

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? I plan on going to SFA for Animal Biology and eventually finding a career in wildlife preservation/recovery by working at reserves and sanctuaries.Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5368 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5361 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5364

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? I actually just received an amazing 1936 Royal typewriter! : )Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5388 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5412 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5419

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? When people are arrogant or selfish and have a general disregard for others.   Also slow drivers.

Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5440 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5479

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? I very much enjoy tattoos and body art, it’s something that I’m passionate about and I love being able to express myself in that way… I also pin a lot of makeup and indie/vintage style clothing.Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5492 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5496

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? I love everything and anything old and odd! Any sort of curiosity items or just strange things that you can’t really duplicate.
I love old literature and vinyl records, and I am also a vocalist so singing is a huge passion of mine as well.
Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5509

FAVORITE TV SHOW? Impractical Jokers!Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5512 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5520

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? Half Price Books is a guilty pleasure.
Before I moved I lived in a neighborhood with a secluded park that had a nice pond with a dock and tons of trees, that was always my favorite place to go for several years.
Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5522 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5527

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… Going to an obscure place and exploring.Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5545 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5595

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN? Watching myself grow as an individual and sort of come into my own, I’ve always struggled with my self image and being confident with who I am. I have learned a lot about myself throughout high school and I finally feel like I am gaining the confidence and love for myself that I need and deserve.Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5608 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5663

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE… My all time dream destination was always Ireland, and I got the opportunity to go back in 2013. Europe is my main point of interest and I would love to see Italy, Germany, Sweden…
Japan is another huge dream.
Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5675 destinytattoo

DREAM JOB? Very vast options here but either working with wildlife, being a crime-scene investigator/criminal psychologist, or being a traveling vocalist.
Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5626 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5672

FAVORITE SONG? So hard to pick but one of them is Dreams by Stevie Nicks
Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5701 Creative Girl Senior Pictures-5685

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? I have always loved your photography, and my friend Regan’s engagement pictures really sold me 😉

Sulfur Springs Senior Photographer: Hannah 2016

Hannah’s mom found me through Facebook! Hannah was my first Sulfur Springs Senior to work with, but I’m so happy that she made the drive to do her senior pictures with me!

Hannah wanted to mix urban with the springtime greenery, so we hit up two of my favorite locations in Dallas, and I’m so happy with the results. I honestly did not expect so many flowers to be in bloom at our second location! We even found a gorgeous lavender tree that smelled as beautiful as it looked. This was the first session that I was able to really take advantage of the pretty spring flowers, and it was a great way to kick off the season!

It was SO HARD to choose favorites to post from this session because I had SO MANY. I feel like the urban pictures look like they came out of a clothing ad for American Eagle and of course, I already expressed how much I love the pictures with the flowers!

Urban Senior Girl Pictures-4934 Urban Senior Girl Pose Urban Senior Girl Pictures-4949

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? To attend cosmetology school then Texas A&M Commerce and get my bachelors in nursing.Urban Senior Girl Pictures-4954 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-4956 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-4964 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-4972

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? When people squeeze tube toothpaste the wrong way.Urban Senior Girl Pictures-4975 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5006 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-4997

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? HAIR!!!!!!!!!Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5012 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5025

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? My house or my friend’s house.Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5034 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5045 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5035

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE? Spending a rainy day in bed while watching some of my favorite movies and tv shows with my boyfriend.
Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5073 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5066 Urban Senior Girl Pictures Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5083 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5087

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN? My mom being a High School teacher throughout my years of High School. Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5102 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5128 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5137

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE… To go to Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day which is also my birthday!Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5160 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5171 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5166

DREAM JOB? To be a nurse practitioner for a plastic surgeonUrban Senior Girl Pictures-5176 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5172
Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5180 Drill Team Senior Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5197 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5202

FAVORITE TV SHOW? Gossip GirlUrban Senior Girl Pictures-5203 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5210 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5215

Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5235 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5241

FAVORITE SONG? “In the Night” By The Weeknd
Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5251 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5255 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5268 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5269

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? An MK Purse I received for Christmas!Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5263 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5290 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5299 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5302 Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5305

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? Because I liked her Senior Galleries!Urban Senior Girl Pictures-5316


Greenville Senior Photographer: Reah Dawson

Reah is a very eclectic person with plans to pursue her passion for art- how inspiring! We tried to show her passion for art throughout the session. Reah’s beautiful green eyes and smile shined throughout her time behind the camera. Deep Ellum and its street art was the perfect compliment for Reah’s style and future, and I’m so happy that we were able to explore it together!

Reah brought along her mom and best friend! They were very helpful in helping Reah continually laugh and in holding some lighting equipment. We did quite a bit of walking throughout the duration of the shoot. I would love to get a fit bit, so I could see how much walking really takes place because we definitely get our work out in. I’m thankful that each member of our gang made it through all the Dallas traffic, walking, and were able to end it with a smile 🙂

Downtown Dallas Senior-1025

Downtown Dallas Senior-1034

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? I plan on attending University of North Texas and majoring in art education so I can later become an art teacher.Downtown Dallas Senior-1018

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “Music! I’m never not listening to something.”Downtown Dallas Senior-1178Downtown Dallas Senior-1197

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… “Traveling somewhere I’ve never been before and getting to experience new things!”Downtown Dallas Senior-1167Downtown Dallas Senior-1202

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN? “Getting to grow as a person and becoming more of who I want to be.”Downtown Dallas Senior-1156Cute Senior Girl PoseDowntown Dallas Senior-1067DREAM JOB? “Getting paid to paint and go to concerts… If only!!!”Downtown Dallas Senior-1116Downtown Dallas Senior-1098Downtown Dallas Senior-1107

FAVORITE SONG… “That’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child!!! :(“UNT boundDowntown Dallas Senior-1246

FAVORITE TV SHOW? The Office and Freaks and GeeksDowntown Dallas Senior-1270Downtown Dallas Senior-1276

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “Food! All Day, ERRday!”Downtown Dallas Senior-1267Downtown Dallas Senior-1259Downtown Dallas Senior-1272

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? “Fake people. I just want people to be real with how they feel!”Downtown Dallas Senior-1261Downtown Dallas Senior-1290MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO…. “Everywhere and anywhere!”Downtown Dallas Senior-1312Downtown Dallas Senior-1317

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Because I love your pictures and you seem like a really fun, down to earth photographer!”

TWU Senior Shoot: Alondra+Vanessa

Vanessa contacted me in the fall of this year, and we have been planning this session for a while! The spring weather and greenery were definitely worth the wait. Last year, we happened to take a calligraphy class together; she remembered me mentioning that I had a photography business, started following it, and we ended up here 🙂 I love hearing the stories of how my clients get to me!

Vanessa wanted to senior photos with her sister Alondra. Sharing this experience between the sisters was definitely a special time. Alondra is graduating from Ponder HS and Vanessa is graduating from Texas Woman’s University. Both girls have great plans for their future. Alondra plans to become a nurse, and from the conversations we had about her volunteer work, it sounds like she is on a great path towards her dream! Vanessa is a senior is TWU’s Dental Hygiene Program. I was extremely blessed to meet and connect with her during our shoot, for she is very involved in the program and had a lot of great tips on succeeding in Dental Hygiene School. (For those of you who do not know me personally, I recently got accepted into Dental Hygiene School and will be beginning it this coming fall- our conversations were very helpful for me to plan for my upcoming life transitions).

Both Vanessa and Alondra were some of the sweetest, smartest girls you will ever meet! I have no doubt that they will both succeed in their health care fields in the future.

I had a lot of fun with this session ALSO because I got to shoot on my university’s beautiful campus! I always look around at the gardens and architecture on my way to and from class, but it was even more fun to get behind the camera to show the world the way I see it.

TWU Senior Pictures-4663 TWU Senior Pictures-4622 TWU Senior Pictures-4624 TWU Senior Pictures-4640 TWU Senior Pictures-4666 TWU Senior Pictures-4671 TWU Senior Pictures-4629 TWU Senior Pictures-4704 TWU Senior Pictures-4705 Untitled1 TWU Senior Pictures-4688 u3-1 TWU Senior Pictures-4700 TWU Senior Pictures-4717 TWU Senior Pictures-4721 TWU Senior Pictures-4727 TWU Senior Pictures-4729 TWU Senior Pictures-4739 TWU Senior Pictures- TWU Senior Pictures-4742 TWU Senior Pictures-4745 TWU Senior Pictures-4749 TWU Senior Pictures-4753 Untitled TWU Senior Pictures-4781 TWU Senior Pictures-4775 TWU Senior Pictures-4789 TWU Senior Pictures-4772 TWU Senior Pictures-4798 TWU Senior Pictures-4802 TWU Senior Pictures-4799 TWU Senior Pictures-4812 TWU Senior Pictures-4808 TWU Senior Pictures-4822 TWU Senior Pictures-4826 TWU Senior Pictures-4831 TWU Senior Pictures-4836 TWU Senior Pictures-4839

Royse City Senior: Ashley Ellis 2016

Ashley is a sweet, sweet girl with a beautiful smile. We took her photos the week before Easter, and I love the bright spring colors she wore! Her mom and sister came along to help with clothes and to keep the day running smoothly, and we all had a great time with lots of love and laughter.

Ashley is the younger sister to my best friend and Hawaii travel buddy, Emily. You might recognize the resemblance between the two, if you have looked at our stylized beach bridal shoot. Both are beautiful, photogenic girls, and I’ve loved taking pictures of them!

Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4251 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4318

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? Study nursing at Oklahoma Baptist University!Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4263 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4312

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? A Michael Kors PurseSenior Girl Pictures in Nature-4288 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4262

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? Drawings, fashion, and quotes!Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4271 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4291

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? Coffee shops, cute little down towns, and running trails…Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4326 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4341

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE…. A relaxing, rainy day in the fall. Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4352 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4355

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… Being captain of the Cross Country Team!Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4382 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4384

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… England!Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4397 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4386

FAVORITE TV SHOW? Sherlock or Greys Anatomy!Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4441 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4467 Senior Pictures Letterman Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4474

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? Coffee, pictures, and art!Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4490 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4500 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4587 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4610 Senior Picture Flowers

DREAM JOB? To become a nurse!Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4549 Senior Girl Pictures in Nature-4516

Wylie Prep Senior Photographer: Mikah 2016

Oh Mikah! Her beautiful smile and gorgeous blue eyes weren’t the only thing that stood out to me during her senior portraits. Mikah is a down to earth, hilarious, and super sweet high school senior, that I had the pleasure of getting to know during our senior shoot! Mikah brought her friend Sianna along, and her company added to our excitement that day!

I loved Mikah’s mix in styles. The colors and pieces of clothing went great with our nature location and final shots in the lovely, golden Texas sun.

Mikah attends Wylie Prep Academy. I have been so blessed by the opportunity to get to know and photograph five of these girls this year. I have been blow away by each and every one of them- by their sweet smiles and beautiful souls. Keep coming my way 🙂 and keep dreaming big!

Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9667 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9979

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? I am attending Texas Tech University and, hopefully, working on becoming a registered nurse in the neonatal unit

Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9785 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9784 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9958

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? When people constantly brag about everything they have.  Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9938 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9945

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? My friends, sweet tea, and my boyfriend!Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9964 Senior Girl Pose Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-9992

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… When its cloudy and I have no school or work & I can just lay in bed & watch Netflix

Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0052 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0056 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0036 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0011

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… The experiences I’ve had- both good and bad.Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0060 Golden Senior Girl Photo Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0257

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… The Bahamas to swim with dolphins!Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0190 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0206 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0215

DREAM JOB? Working in hospitals with children/babies or in the trauma unit.

Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0228 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0172 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0164

FAVORITE SONG? “Red Ragtop” by Time McGrawDallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0262 Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0242

FAVORITE TV SHOW? Breaking Bad!Golden Senior Girl Pose Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0138

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? You did a lot of my friends, I thought they were all so beautiful, and I just had to join the Megan Kay bandwagon. 

Dallas Nature Senior Girl Pose-0270

Garland Senior Photographer: Kaitlyn 2016

I had such a great time with the beautiful Kaitlyn and her mom! The sun played hide and seek towards the beginning of our shoot, but it came out towards the end for a GORGEOUS golden finish! I’m actually pretty obsessed with the contrast between this golden sunny look and Kaitlyn’s dark hair. By this time in the shoot, Kaitlyn was totally rocking being behind my lens. I love seeing this natural transformation and burst of confidence that comes for each senior during the middle of our sessions.

Drill Team has been a large part of Kaitlyn’s high school experience, and it was super fun to incorporate her cute and sparkly Drill Team outfit into our shoot! It was definitely something that I haven’t done before and a very unique piece to capture!

Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9216

Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9188 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9164

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? Either to study in nursing for the air force or study to be a veterinarian, because i love the animals!Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9171 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9181 Drill Team Senior Girl

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? If I were to myself , always forgetting things and doing things at the last minute…

Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9207 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9227 Drill Team Senior Photos

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? Hair and beauty tips! Also clothes…

Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9219 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9251WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? Probably country music! I can’t stop listening to it!!!

Nature Senior Girl Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9266 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9271

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? At the mall or the movies with my friends!Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9275 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9281 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9308

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… A clear blue sky, bright sun, and nice weather…Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9314 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9336 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9349 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9312

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… Dancing and performing with my teammates in Drill Team!Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9324 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9393 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9395


Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9400 Dallas Senior Photographer

DREAM JOB? To be a singer…Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9414 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9445

FAVORITE SONG? Heartbeat- Carrie UnderwoodNature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9422 Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9429


Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9448-3

Nature Senior Pictures. Dallas Senior Photographer.-9403

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? I was really impressed on how well the pictures turned out in the end! They were awesome and I wanted some really great photos for my senior year since it is my last year in high school.

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