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Ashlyn- 2017 Senior

Ashlyn has been looking forward to her senior picture for quite some time! I’m so thankful we waited until the beautiful Texas weather that comes in early March.

Ashlyn told me that she loves golden backlighting which is my very favorite aspect of shooting with natural light. This girl spoke my love language! We were incredibly blessed with great lighting for the day of her shoot.

This cute girl is such a sweetheart and a natural beauty! We had so much fun chatting as we explored the nature landscapes. Her blonde hair and gentle smile glowed even brighter with the addition of the golden sun. She has a great future ahead of her and a great perspective on life during the upcoming transitional times. I’m excited to see how she continues to chase her dreams!

We included some photos with basketball because this sport has played such a large part in Ashlyn’s life. Ashlyn plays for a select team that is about to head to nationals! She also plans to play in college.

Keep shining bright, Ashlyn! <3

summer-2087 summer-2096 summer-2242

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? “I plan to play basketball for Howard Payne University and continue my education there!”

summer-2185 summer-2268

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? “When people smack!”

summer-2247 hannah-and-jake-2208 summer-2142

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “Basketball and puppies!”

summer-2120 summer-2135 summer-2156

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “Probably my bed, lol”

summer-2292 summer-2283

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “Playing high school basketball and all of the friendships and memories I have made!”

summer-2294 summer-2282


summer-2317 summer-2326

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “One Tree Hill!”

summer-2299 summer-2336

summer-2358 summer-2388

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Honestly, I just liked her pictures more than any of the other sites I looked up. She also seemed really sweet and fun to work with!”

summer-2371 summer-2380

Dallas Senior Photographer | Mackenzie 2017

While every senior session is very near and dear to my heart, I do hold these photos a little closer. Below, you will see my sweet sister Mackenzie is a senior in high school, graduating this May.

Throughout this session I was blown away by the beautiful woman she has become and overwhelmed by how thankful I am to be her sister.

When did my little sister transform into this beautiful young adult? (Also, when did she learn how to dress like a fashion blogger?)

It was so hard to choose which favorites to blog, but here are a few! Enjoy 🙂



PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? “I plan to get my masters degree in Occupational Therapy!”

downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4996-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5097-2

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE… “Spending the day at the beach with my family.”


FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “At coffee shops! Or anywhere when I’m with my sister or friends.”

downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4862-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4948-2


downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4912-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4898-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4836-2

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “Jane the Virgin!”

downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4746-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4739-2

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “I have loved playing varsity sports, being on my school’s Student Council, and hanging out with my friends!” 

downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4796-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4780-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_4801-2

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? “I love to pin about fashion and DIY projects!”

downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5188-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5222-2

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “I am obsessed with clothing; as a result, I spend my free time Pinteresting fashion and work in retail where I get a handy discount on clothes,”

downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5161-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5128-2

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? “Smacking or loud chewing!”

downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5175-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5133-2

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “My black over the knee boots or my distressed jeans are definitely my best recent purchases!”

downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5308-2downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5248-2 downtown-dallas-photography-blogger-img_5320-2

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Honestly, I didn’t just choose her because she is my sister. I chose her because she is so talented at taking photos, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to take my senior pictures.”


A Christmas Best Friends Shoot

If you’ve followed my work for a while, you have probably seen me post photos of or with one of these two beautiful women! Arlee and Elizabeth are both two of my best friends. I feel so blessed to be close to the both of them, and I love how God has used our friendship to bring us closer to Him and the pursuits of HIs calling on our lives.

These women have been there throughout the beginning and continued growth of my business and artistry. They modeled for me and believed in me when I hardly knew how to operate a camera, and they continue to support me through my growth today, including modeling for a spontaneous shoot, celebrating the upcoming Christmas season!

Christmas is a very exciting and beautiful season. In Texas, it is not until this time that the leaves on the trees finally begin to change color. Despite the chill in the air, it is a great time to shoot. I had the idea of throwing together a spontaneous shoot at this beautiful treed location we came across, and I’m so happy these two agreed to model for me once more.

christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5766 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5783 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5839 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5809 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5778 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5770 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5802 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5789 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5824 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5813 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5773 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5821 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5811 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5814 christmas-styled-best-friends-shoot-img_5780


Dallas Senior Photographer | Elisabeth 2017

I had such a great time spending this fall afternoon with Elisabeth. She is a woman of many, many talents with a wonderful future ahead of her!

Elisabeth looked beautiful in both the city and nature backdrops, incorporating both into this session was a lot of fun. I love, love, LOVE her stunning cobalt blue dress and don’t get me started on how much I loved photographing Elisabeth with her guitar and ukelele!

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5660 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5651

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: “I plan to go to college at Baylor University!”

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5625 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5622

FAVORITE SONG? “Every Tear” by Matthew West

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5612 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5547

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… “Italy, or really any place in Europe. But I’ve always wanted to go to Italy for some reason. Also I’d love to go to Israel…” 

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5568 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5525

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN…. “So far I’ve really enjoyed Junior year the most because we got our lettermen jackets, became a part of NHS, became Seniors at graduation, and I ran for (and became a part of) Student Council for 2016/2017. I’m really excited for this school year.” 

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5556 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5603

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… “Either one spent just relaxing and having fun with my closest friends, or one spent doing anything music-related.”

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5590 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5425

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “A pool, my house, or my friend Baylee’s house.”


WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “Music, audio recording, and videography. Volleyball a bit too.”

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5443 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5421 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5410

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “A Nord Piano 2 (electric keyboard) for performances and YouTube videos.”  

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5486 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5453 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5481

DREAM JOB? “Right now my biggest dream for a job is being in the worship band at Lake Pointe Church. I think I would be the happiest if I had a job that involved music, like in a recording studio or something.” 

downtown-dallas-senior-img_5495 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5509 downtown-dallas-senior-img_5513

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Ever since you started photography I’ve wanted to use you just because I know you and I’d be more comfortable with someone that I’ve had the chance to know. Plus over the years I’ve watched your posts and seen your work and I’ve really come to admire it. I love how your senior pictures from last year turned out.”


Dallas Senior Photographer | Candace 2017

Candace was loads of fun! Her sweet and joyful personality definitely show throughout the images we got from our shoot!

We can all be thankful for Texas’s moderate fall temperatures. Since there has yet to be a drastic change of weather since summer, Candace was able to incorporate all different types of outfits. Below, you can see her rocking a white sundress, and as you scroll down, you will see her looking adorable in various layered outfits. She told me that she does not like to shop, but I don’t know if I can believe her- she’s so good at putting together outfits and colors!

Candace, her mother, and I had the greatest time exploring to find the best nature scenery. The colors on the leaves were beginning to show a hint of fall, which photographed beautifully this evening.

fall-senior-shoot-0035 fall-senior-shoot-9984

PLANS AFTER COLLEGE? “I want to attend college. I’m looking into SFA. I will already have my associates degree when I graduate. After, I want to go to a university and become a dental hygienist or nurse.” senior-in-the-pond fall-senior-shoot-0008

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “I love being outside, especially in the summer with my friends. I’m also obsessed with my dogs.” fall-senior-shoot-0025 fall-senior-shoot-0077

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “The sports and Friday night football. I love cheering at the games!”  fall-senior-shoot-0087fall-senior-shoot-0064

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? “When people chew on their nails or talk under their breath.” senior-in-trees fall-senior-shoot-0069

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “Poolside, or sitting at night with my friends on a dock at the harbor with my feet in the water.”  fall-senior-shoot-0094 fall-senior-shoot-0098 fall-senior-shoot-0091

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… “Going to eat (because I love food), maybe staying in and watching a movie, or going for a walk honestly I’m easily pleased so basically I could go any where and be happy. A perfect perfect day for me would be to just be on the beach all day. “fall-senior-shoot-0046 fall-senior-shoot-0122fall-senior-shoot-0199

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO TRAVEL TO… “The Bahamas or Hawaii.” fall-senior-shoot-0189 fall-senior-shoot-0218

DREAM JOB? “Surgeon or anesthesiologist.” fall-senior-shoot-0129 fall-senior-shoot-0158 fall-senior-shoot-0170

FAVORITE SONG? “Where are You Now by JB- He’s my fave.” fall-senior-shoot-0147 fall-senior-shoot-0174

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “Grey’s Anatomy!” senior-in-field fall-senior-shoot-0249

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Because I really liked your personality at the color shoot and also think the photos you take are very good and creative.”fall-senior-shoot-0272

Dallas Senior Photographer | Emily 2017

Sweet Emily is a senior at Ford High School! She has big plans after she graduates, and I am fully confident that she will be able to achieve her dreams!

Spending the afternoon with Emily and her mother was a blast! The two of them were incredibly sweet. We shared a lot of laughs as we spent time shooting and exploring nature locations.

Plano Senior Photographer-8544 Plano Senior Photographer-8610

ANY PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? “My passion is to be a speech therapist! I’m wanting to go to college and pursue that career!” Plano Senior Photographer-8534 Plano Senior Photographer-8592

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “I am starting to become obsessed with elephants! I know, it’s weird!” Plano Senior Photographer-8563 Plano Senior Photographer-8601

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… “Getting up, going straight to the beach, relaxing, and soaking up the sun!”  Plano Senior Photographer-8551 Plano Senior Photographer-8530

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “Playing softball! All because it’s what I love to do! It makes a passionate and competitive side come out in me, and I love it!”  Plano Senior Photographer-8475 Plano Senior Photographer-8509

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… “Hawaii and just to relax on its beaches!” AaPlano Senior Photographer-8645Plano Senior Photographer-8620APlano Senior Photographer-8659

FAVORITE SONG? “Work by Rihanna”  AaPlano Senior Photographer-8636AaPlano Senior Photographer-8640APlano Senior Photographer-8636Untitled

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “One Tree Hill” Plano Senior Photographer-8711 Plano Senior Photographer-8687 Plano Senior Photographer-8682

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “I’d have to say my cute little new pink and navy blue striped dress from Jaded Gypsy Boutique!” Plano Senior Photographer-8699 Plano Senior Photographer-8709 Plano Senior Photographer-8689

DREAM JOB? “To be a speech therapist!” Plano Senior Photographer-8694 Plano Senior Photographer-8696

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Mostly because you capture not just the landscape, but also you make the person stand out! You make meaning come out of your pictures! Looking at your pictures, it feels like I’m actually there! Your work is amazing and I can’t wait to be a apart of it!” 

Dallas Senior Photographer | Alyssa 2017

The city looks so good on Alyssa! Her beautiful smile and sense of joy worked great in our Downtown Dallas shoot!

Her styled outfits and accessories, coupled with this urban look really have her looking like a fashion blogger.

Alyssa will graduate in May with both her high school diploma and an associates degree! Such an accomplishment. She plans to further her education by studying interior design and business.

It was so hard to choose which favorites from this session- It has to be one of my favorites to date!

Alyssa Senior-6185 Alyssa Senior-6116 Alyssa Senior-6156

DREAM JOB? “Having a high position in interior design!” Alyssa Senior-6113 Urban Senior Girl Alyssa Senior-6108

FAVORITE SONG? “From the Ground Up” by Dan+Shay Alyssa Senior-6325 Alyssa Senior-6319 Alyssa Senior-6338

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO? “Anywhere exotic and tropical!” Alyssa Senior-6310 Alyssa Senior-6292 Alyssa Senior-6315

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “Vampire Diaries” Alyssa Senior-6224 Alyssa Senior-6271 Alyssa Senior-6291

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN? “The memories I have made through playing sports and the sister like relationships that I have with my teammates!”  Alyssa Senior-6230 Alyssa Senior-6421 Alyssa Senior-6429

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… “On a beach somewhere…” Alyssa Senior-6351 Alyssa Senior-6361 Dallas Rooftop Senior Session

MY FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST IS… “DIY room decor, eye shadow, the latest outfits.” Alyssa Senior-6435 Alyssa Senior-6449 Alyssa Senior-6467

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “I fell in love with your photos. You really bring out someone’s personality, and it shows in their pictures!”Alyssa Senior-6492

Destination Colorado Senior Shoot

This summer, my family adventured to Colorado. While we were there, we took in many different breathtaking views. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen me mention that my sister is a senior in High School this year! While on our trip, we decided to take a morning to utilize the beautiful scenery for some senior portraits in Colorado Spring’s Garden of the gods.

It was fun to give my sister a little taste of the client experience. I look forward to shooting a more complete senior session for her this year; I get so excited when I get to work with any seniors and getting to work with my own sister- so wonderful! I have enjoyed seeing her grow into the amazing woman that she is today and who she is continually becoming. I love love love senior photos because showing people their true beauty, is one of my passions.

Mackenzie has been with me through most of life’s BIG moments. I say “most” because, I bet I had a few big moments before she was born. She has served as a constant encouragement to me, throughout many different seasons. She has believed in me when I did not believe in myself. She has the biggest smile and the most beautiful eyes that can just light up any room. I am one very proud big sister and grateful best friend.

She used to model for me when I was first learning how to use my camera. I would drag her outside during sunset most every night to practice. It was so refreshing to take photos of her, now that I am established, and especially, now that she willingly stood in front of my camera as my subject 🙂

Today is my sister’s 18th birthday, and I have waited until now to reveal this gallery. Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

Garden of the gods senior session-6369 Garden of the gods senior session-6329 Garden of the gods senior session-6311 Garden of the gods senior session-6365 Garden of the gods senior session-6351 Garden of the gods senior session-6209 Garden of the gods senior session-6119 Garden of the gods senior session-6158 Garden of the gods senior session-6075 Garden of the gods senior session-6104 Garden of the gods senior session-6079 Garden of the gods senior session-6156 Garden of the gods senior session-6457 Garden of the gods senior session-6526 Garden of the gods senior session-6492 Garden of the gods senior session-6546 Garden of the gods senior session-6532 Garden of the gods senior session-6512 Garden of the gods senior session-6495 Garden of the gods senior session-6099 Untitled

Frisco Senior Photographer | Kayce 2017

Kayce’s session was a lot of fun! She is a nature lover, so of course, we had to incorporate nature in our shoot! The lush greens and golden sun only intensified Kayce’s already natural beauty.

She brought her best friend along, and the three of us enjoyed our time together, exploring my favorite parts of the forest and nature locations.

Kayce took part in this year’s Color Throw and Photo Party***. She had so much fun, that she decided to do her senior session with me!  She looked adorable while covered in color powder, but I was even more excited to be able to photograph her all dressed up and in her natural element.

***Click Here to read more about the Color Throw and Photo Party.

Senior Girl in Creek Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8378

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “Towne Lake Park; my friends and I go ENOing there a lot.” Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8472 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8435 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8424

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “My ENO Hammock!” Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8462 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8506 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8357

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? “Clothes and encouraging statements!” Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8474 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8486 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8498

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… “Africa! I did mission work there, and I fell in love with the people and the culture.” Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8524 Frisco Senior Photographer Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8554

DREAM JOB? “To become a NICU Nurse!” Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8571 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8590 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8579

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? “Attend the University of Arkansas and study nursing!” Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8584 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8592 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8606

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “Friends” Best Friend Photoshoot Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8753 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8683

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? “Hearing people chew their food!” Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8711 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8692 Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8708

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “I loved the color throw photoshoot we did a while back!” Frisco Senior Photographer. Nature Senior Girl Poses-8672

Poetry Senior Photographer | Trisha 2017

Oh Trisha! I have so much that I could say about this girl and how special it was for me to be her senior portrait photographer. Trisha has been a long time friend of my family and sister. She was one of the very first and few individuals that stepped in front of my lens when I was first learning how to operate a DSLR camera. She believed in me four years ago, before I imagined taking photography to a professional level.

Trisha is a beauty inside and out. She was a great model to kick off the 2017 Senior season! I love being able to use my camera to encourage my clients, and show them how truly beautiful they are. It might have been over 100 degrees outside during the Texas summer, but that did not stop Trisha from rockin’ the city look and carrying her usual laughter and smiles.

Downtown Senior Girl Photo-7972

FAVORITE SONG? Any song by Aerosmith!Downtown Dallas Senior Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8010

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “Anywhere that involves family or friends! (except clothing stores) Downtown Senior Girl Photo-7994 Downtown Senior Girl Photo-7957

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… “Enjoying a cool day on the Riverwalk in San Antonio with my family and friends.” Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8022 Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8042

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “Making such close friends and acquaintances, while growing stronger in my faith.” Downtown Senior Girl Photo-7987 Dallas Senior Photos

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “Food, karate, and Grey’s Anatomy :D” Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8148 Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8107 Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8061

DREAM JOB? “I am not sure yet. Part of me wants to teach, but the other part of me wants to be a successful business woman.” Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8141 Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8079

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “Grey’s Anatomy” Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8194 Senior in Black Dress Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8226

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO TRAVEL TO… “Canada!” Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8251 What to Wear. Black Dress. Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8300

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “My Xbox One! (Even though I never play it)” Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8331 Downtown Senior Girl Photo-8332

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “She is a great photographer that loves what she does. She truly cares about every client and does everything possible to make their dreams come true.”

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