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Regan+JT: Surprise Engagement

Regan (Rae) has been a best friend of mine for since we were thirteen years old. We used to talk about our future dream wedding, dream husband, and watch countless wedding shows on TLC together. Words can’t describe how happy I am for her that she and JT found each other. Now we can talk about her dream wedding and actually have a real date to look forward to!

I got so excited once Regan’s mom called to tell me that she was getting engaged and that they wanted me to be there to help plan the day and capture the moments. They expressed that Rae had told her mom that it was really important to her that her family was there to see JT pop the question. JT, his mom, and Rae’s mom planned the following moments, so that could happen!

Rae thought that she was going to get engaged closer to the holidays. She thought that she was heading to the Arboretum to take pictures with JT’s family. The two of them sat down to “wait on JT’s family,” and JT suggested that they take a selfie. While they were taking a selfie, Regan’s family appeared in the background of the picture. Next thing she knows, JT is down on one knee, asking her to marry him.

I just love the photos from the moments after she said YES.

After the proposal, we enjoyed the beautiful pumpkins that covered the arboretum and took a few more photos to commemorate the occasion.

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Josie+Dane Surprise Engagement Party

Just when Josie didn’t think her day could get any better, she was surprised for a second time that day! However, this time it was by her family and close friends. It was wonderful to see the joy that the party shared for the new commitment that Josie and Dane made. Not only did I enjoy photographing the party, but their families made sure that I actually did ENJOY the party. They were great hosts who made me feel like a part of the family, celebrating Josie and Dane’s love alongside them. How wonderful it was to see and hear how God’s hand brought these two together. Congrats to Josie and Dane!

To view the proposal from earlier that morning… click here!


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Everyone needs to see how creative and sweet this gift idea is! There’s a bottle for each of these momentous achievements leading up to their big day!

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Josie+Dane Surprise Coffee Shop Proposal

About a year ago, Dane and Josie met at Union Coffee Shop in Downtown Dallas. Since, they have shared multiple hours and countless memories talking over a cup of coffee. Josie now works here as a barista. On Saturday morning, she thought she was coming in to work, but Dane had other plans set in place. He had arrived before opening and decorated a pathway to the table where the two of them met. He laid out large black wooden letters spelling “UNION” decorated with sweet messages on the back. The letters were accompanied by a rose and tied together by a piece of string that kept Josie along the path.

Once Josie arrived to the table where they met, she was able to look at all of the mementos that Dane had collected during their dating relationship. She was soon accompanied by Dane, and before she knew it, he was kneeling down on one knee asking her to be his wife.

So much joy. So much happiness. Then, coffee, to make the morning even better.

Josie’s day still was not complete! Dane had her scheduled to go get a manicure with a friend after leaving Union. Little did she know, she would be showing off her hand (particularly her ring finger) a lot that evening.

To view the photos from this event, as well as some close ups of the happy couple, click here.

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The shop was ready, all were hiding, and our hearts were pounding in anticipation for Josie’s arrival.

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Blake and Sarah ~ Engagement

We had to reschedule this shoot many, many, many times due to bad weather. For some reason, it just wanted to be cloudy and/or rain on the day of the shoot! Finally, we had a date chosen that worked, and some gorgeous sun that resulted from our patience. I’m so excited to photograph Blake and Sarah’s wedding day in October. Here are my favorites from our engagement shoot.

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Engagement: Santiago and Payton

Santiago and Payton are engaged! I was so excited to take pictures of them and was fangirling over them THE ENTIRE TIME. Their love is so precious, and I may or may not be obsessed with these pictures.

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