Summer Wedding at the Orchard | Kendall & Ryan

The Stuck Wedding was full of love and celebration. Ryan and Kendall created a night that no guest will ever forget. The Orchard served as the perfect backdrop for their special day. Its the perfect mixture of rustic and greenery to fit any Texas Wedding.

Ryan and Kendall met in college. The way that they make each other smile after years together is unforgettable. I was so excited to be able to capture this happiness in photographs, and I’m excited for their future together as a married couple #Stuckinlove (isn’t that the cutest wedding hashtag or what?).

Following the ceremony was an incredible reception and dance party. They had a large screen on the dance floor that the DJ used to add another element to the reception. We finished the night with a balloon send off. It was my first time to see this as a wedding send off! The Stucks left their incredible wedding day while hundreds of white balloons flooded the dark summer sky.

Kendall’s first look with her dad was so sweet!

This group of girls was so much fun!

A gift and note exchange before he could see his bride walking down the aisle!


Rustic Grace Estate Wedding | Abbey+Mason

June 2nd 2017 was a celebration of the love shared between Abbey and Mason. Surrounded by their friends and family, the LaTours vowed to love each other for life in the most beautiful, Christ centered ceremony.

The day was full of emotions. The bridal party enjoyed each other’s company and stood in full support and love for the couple. Rain was not in the plan for the June wedding, but it added to the memory of the day and stood as a reminder of all of the blessings that are to come for the LaTours marriage. I am so thankful for the ushers and groomsmen who helped us out with umbrellas, so we could still capture some amazing photos of the couple!

During the ceremony, the congregation joined together to sing Amazing Grace. Adding this act of worship into the wedding ceremony was a great reminder to the congregation of how loved we are by our Savior and of the love that Abbey and Mason want their marriage to represent.

I was so blessed to have the honor of capturing the LaTours wedding day. Here’s a few of my favorite photos to paint a picture of their day:

Her dress looked so elegant in the chapel at Rustic Grace Estates. 

The entire day was full of so much joy and laughter!

First looks with dad are my favorite!

Mason’s groomsmen prayed for him before his first look with his future bride.

These high school sweethearts had been dreaming of this moment for years and now there’s a photo to commemorate it…

These cookies were almost too pretty to eat!

They were such a fun group!

This is just the beginning of their married life together… THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

Texas Discovery Gardens Wedding | Tamara+Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Burne had an all around incredible wedding day. Family and friends traveled from near and far to be present for this special occasion.

They began their day getting ready at the Fairmont Hotel in Uptown Dallas. The two of them looked incredible, easily magazine worthy. Both Tamara and Scott were excited for their first look which took place on the rooftop gardens of the hotel. We were surrounded by Dallas’s towering skyscrapers as the future man and wife saw each other in their wedding attire for the first time.

The day continued on at the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park. This venue made a spectacular backdrop for their wedding ceremony and reception. Upon arrival, guests could make their way around the garden’s grounds while enjoying a drink and live music before taking a seat at the ceremony site.

The gardens were full of color. The greenery meshed well with the colorful rose hues of the bridal party. This venue included a butterfly garden, creating a unique and even more memorable experience. Following the ceremony, I got to have some fun exploring the garden and searching for butterflies with the bride and groom. Later in the evening, they opened the garden up for all of the guests to explore and find real butterflies

The evening continued with a Texas themed cocktail hour, a tasty reception dinner, dancing, and many special moments that were shared between the bride and groom with their family and friends.

The first look on the rooftop of the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas.

Entering the butterfly gardens!

Bailey- 2017 Senior

Bailey’s senior shoot was a unique and fun one! Bailey loves animals, so much so, that she plans to study to become a veterinarian! To incorporate her love for animals in her session, she brought along her sweet pup and her hedgehog! Getting animals to look at the camera is not the easiest, but we managed to still capture their adorable-ness and have fun while doing so!

Bailey has beautiful crystal blue eyes. The sunshine and light breeze made for a lovely day and added a pop of color to the nature scenery. Here are a few favorites from our shoot!

geyer-high-school-senior-8175 geyer-high-school-senior-8181

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? “I plan to go to UNT to study biology and then eventually go to vet school!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8202 geyer-high-school-senior-8205

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “I enjoy taking my dogs to the park!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8376 geyer-high-school-senior-8380


geyer-high-school-senior-8362 geyer-high-school-senior-8316

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “Being an athletic trainer!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8385 geyer-high-school-senior-8299

DREAM JOB? “To be a wildlife vet!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8421 geyer-high-school-senior-8436 geyer-high-school-senior-8274

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… “Australia or the jungle somewhere!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8282 geyer-high-school-senior-8285 geyer-high-school-senior-8518

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “The Walking Dead!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8492 geyer-high-school-senior-8532 geyer-high-school-senior-8478

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? “I like to pin foods and things for my pets!”

geyer-high-school-senior-8459 geyer-high-school-senior-8471

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Because you take good pictures!

Hallie- 2017 A&M Senior

A couple of weekends ago, I decided to take a road trip down to College Station to take senior pictures of Hallie and visit the famous A&M. I have always wanted to visit Aggieland and my sweet friend, Hallie.

Hallie used to dream of attending A&M and talk about how excited she was to be on campus, go to football games, “whoop,” and get her education at this great Texas school and her mother’s alma mater.  Now she is graduating from her dream school and continuing on her path to chasing more dreams!

It was so wonderful to listen to her reflect on her years in college, the lessons she learned, and all that God has done in this time. Now that she has her education, so many more doors and opportunities are beginning to present themselves, and it is such an exciting time!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our shoot.

texas-am-senior-4752 texas-am-senior-4759 texas-am-senior-4447 texas-am-senior-4476 texas-am-senior-4484 texas-am-senior-4510 texas-am-senior-4514 texas-am-senior-4526 texas-am-senior-4540 texas-am-senior-4554 texas-am-senior-4575 texas-am-senior-4601 texas-am-senior-4623 texas-am-senior-4626 texas-am-senior-4652 texas-am-senior-4670 texas-am-senior-4685 texas-am-senior-4720 texas-am-senior-4733 texas-am-senior-4739


Lizzie- 2017 Senior

My time with Lizzie was such a joy. We got to spend our shoot exploring some of my favorite Denton spots which happen to also be Denton’s most photo-worthy locations!

Lizzie has a lot to look forward to. She has worked diligently throughout high school towards her dreams for the future. Her work is definitely paying off! We incoorporated quite a bit of maroon during our shoot because Lizzie is going to be a future Aggie 🙂

Incoorporating her cheerleading uniform in her senior pictures was so much fun! Her team has won state three times and also placed twice at nationals!


PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? “To attend Texas A&M and study Business Honors.”

denton-senior-photographer-4919 denton-senior-photographer-4881

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE… “Sleeping in and waking at Disney World and getting to ride all of the rides without any lines or waking up in Oxford England and going for tea and scones.”

denton-senior-photographer-4922 denton-senior-photographer-4795

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “My house! I am a family person.”

denton-senior-photographer-4819 denton-senior-photographer-4836

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “Books, Grant Gusin, Taylor Swift, Hamilton, Harry Potter.”

denton-senior-photographer-4851 denton-senior-photographer-5086


denton-senior-photographer-5101 denton-senior-photographer-5067

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “Gossip Girl!”

denton-senior-photographer-5073 denton-senior-photographer-5105

FAVORITE THING TO PIN ON PINTEREST? “Ideas for my future library!”

denton-senior-photographer-4944 denton-senior-photographer-4951

FAVORITE SONG? “New Romantics – Taylor Swift”

denton-senior-photographer-4989 denton-senior-photographer-4970

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… “Nepal – to ride elephants in a tiger reservation”

adenton-senior-photographer-5059 denton-senior-photographer-5007

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “My Stan Lee autograph!”


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “I liked your style and your pictures on your website!”


Sarah Senior 2017

Sarah is so gifted in many areas! She has big dreams and she has already accomplished so much during her time in high school. For her senior shoot, we were able to encompass her giftings and talents and showcase the dreams that she is going to continue to chase past graduation!

Sarah is a competitive track athlete. It seems as though she is always winning medals and breaking records. She is going to continue pursuing her love for track and running at a Division 1 school! We got to spend some time together shooting at the track and get some shots of her in action!

Next, we headed to shoot Sarah with one of her favorite airplanes. Despite only being in high school, Sarah has dedicated a lot of time into learning how to fly and maintain airplanes. It won’t be long until she has her own pilots license! We got to shoot with an airplane that matched her track uniform- combining two of her passions!

I’m excited to see how Sarah continues to blossom as a beautiful, multi-talented girl. Her joy and contagious smile will light up any circle.


PLANS AFTER GRADUATION?  “I am joining the sprinter team with OSU and majoring in Aviation there.”

sarah-4134 sarah-4087

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE… “Spending the day flying an airplane or at a track meet.”

sarah-4072 sarah-4166

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “My friends and the teachers… NOT the homeowork!”

sarah-4051 sarah-4068

MY DREAM PURCHASE… “I would love to purchase an airplane!”

sarah-4156 sarah-4030

DREAM JOB? “To be a pilot or an airplane mechanic!”

sarah-4080 sarah-4106

FAVORITE SONG? “Everything is Awesome!”

sarah-4313 sarah-4252 sarah-4300

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “Phillips Flying Ranch!”

sarah-4381 sarah-4376

FAVORITE THING TO PIN TO PINTEREST? I don’t.  If I did it would probably relate to airplanes, my kitties, track or something like that…on Facebook I posted the Metal Man Mailbox holder I welded.”




Courtney- 2017 Senior

Oh sweet Courtney!! Thank you for choosing me to capture your senior photos.

Courtney was such a joy to spend time with and photograph. She was one of those people who radiates happiness and sunshine, so I feel that these photos and the weather this day were absolutely perfect to showcase who she is!

She shared a bit of her heart with me; she is such a passionate, loving, and mature girl.  I am seriously stoked to see where she goes in life! She is a true beauty both inside and out.

Here are a few favorites from our shoot! I’ll start with this image of us getting photo bombed by the cutest puppy!

plano-senior-photos-3768plano-senior-photos-3724 plano-senior-photos-3740

PLANS AFTER GRADATION? “Collin County Community College for two years, and then Texas Womens’ University to finish the last two years. After I finish that, I think I’d like to go to Baylor or A&M for my Masters’ or Doctorate. I would love to be a nurse practitioner for a Labor and Delivery unit!”

plano-senior-photos-3697 plano-senior-photos-3753

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “I love going to my church and just hanging out there with my friends. Sometimes we just go there and have lunch with our youth pastor! Either there or this amazing coffee place in downtown Wylie called Conversations.”

plano-senior-photos-3713 plano-senior-photos-3656

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “Senior year! It’s gone by crazy fast, but it’s been pretty easy and I get out every day at 12:30.”

plano-senior-photos-3644 plano-senior-photos-3650

GREATEST RECENT PURCHASE? “I’m a fairly new Christian, and I bought a Bible for myself that now looks like a coloring book because I’m obsessed underlining, highlighting, circling, and drawing in my Bible!”

plano-senior-photos-3865 plano-senior-photos-3863


plano-senior-photos-3839 plano-senior-photos-3854


plano-senior-photos-3874 plano-senior-photos-3811

THE PERFECT DAY FOR ME WOULD BE LIKE…. “Worshiping in the morning, lunch with my family, going to a Hillsong united and young and free/elevation/passion/Bethel music concert (probably doesn’t exist) with all of my closest friends and then going swimming and falling asleep in a hammock outside with my friends!”

plano-senior-photos-3822 plano-senior-photos-3909

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO GO TO… “Italy! I would love to see the Sistine Chapel and eat yummy Italian food.”

plano-senior-photos-3901 plano-senior-photos-3913

DREAM JOB?Nurse Practitioner for labor and delivery, but doing it on missions”

plano-senior-photos-4012 plano-senior-photos-3997

FAVORITE SONG? “The Stand by Hillsong Young and Free”

plano-senior-photos-3928 plano-senior-photos-3987

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? “Probably when people are mean.”


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY?I loved the pictures in the field you’ve taken. The girls look so beautiful and natural and relaxed and happy. I’ve seen other photographers that overedit pictures and I don’t like that look. I want my pictures to look pretty but I don’t want them to not look like me! You have great work! Also, the fact that you love Jesus and are using your gifts and talents that He’s given you is awesome and I can’t wait to work with you.”



Ashlyn- 2017 Senior

Ashlyn has been looking forward to her senior picture for quite some time! I’m so thankful we waited until the beautiful Texas weather that comes in early March.

Ashlyn told me that she loves golden backlighting which is my very favorite aspect of shooting with natural light. This girl spoke my love language! We were incredibly blessed with great lighting for the day of her shoot.

This cute girl is such a sweetheart and a natural beauty! We had so much fun chatting as we explored the nature landscapes. Her blonde hair and gentle smile glowed even brighter with the addition of the golden sun. She has a great future ahead of her and a great perspective on life during the upcoming transitional times. I’m excited to see how she continues to chase her dreams!

We included some photos with basketball because this sport has played such a large part in Ashlyn’s life. Ashlyn plays for a select team that is about to head to nationals! She also plans to play in college.

Keep shining bright, Ashlyn! <3

summer-2087 summer-2096 summer-2242

PLANS AFTER GRADUATION? “I plan to play basketball for Howard Payne University and continue my education there!”

summer-2185 summer-2268

BIGGEST PET PEEVE? “When people smack!”

summer-2247 hannah-and-jake-2208 summer-2142

WHAT ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH? “Basketball and puppies!”

summer-2120 summer-2135 summer-2156

FAVORITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? “Probably my bed, lol”

summer-2292 summer-2283

MY FAVORITE PART OF HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN… “Playing high school basketball and all of the friendships and memories I have made!”

summer-2294 summer-2282


summer-2317 summer-2326

FAVORITE TV SHOW? “One Tree Hill!”

summer-2299 summer-2336

summer-2358 summer-2388

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MEGAN KAY PHOTOGRAPHY? “Honestly, I just liked her pictures more than any of the other sites I looked up. She also seemed really sweet and fun to work with!”

summer-2371 summer-2380

Lake Tyler Petroleum Club | Jess+Kris

Jessica and Kris wed on an overcast winter day. The weather might have been cold and drizzly, but all who were in attendance had warm hearts as they watched these two lovebirds tie the knot.

The day was made all the more special by the team of family and friends who came together to help the day turn out as a success. The decorations and colors fit perfectly with the woodland winter theme. The reception’s live music was performed by long time family friends of the bride and groom, making it all the more heartfelt.

Jessica and Kris have such a precious love story. Their reception had photo albums with pictures of the two of them throughout the years at life’s big milestones, such as graduation and high school prom. It was special for me to see how pictures, even years later, can mean so much when there is a relationship story such as this.

wallace-wedding-6369 wallace-wedding-6305 wallace-wedding-6408 wallace-wedding-6293 wallace-wedding-6449

These bridesmaid dresses were the perfect color for a winter wedding!

wallace-wedding-6288 wallace-wedding-6437 wallace-wedding-6309 wallace-wedding-6375 wallace-wedding-6452 wallace-wedding-6476 wallace-wedding-6525 wallace-wedding-6362

Jess & her dad have the sweetest relationship!

wallace-wedding-6532 wallace-wedding-8644 wallace-wedding-6538 wallace-wedding-6570 wallace-wedding-8669 wallace-wedding-6621 wallace-wedding-6749

Let’s practice the first dance without falling in!

wallace-wedding-6762 wallace-wedding-6739 wallace-wedding-8745 wallace-wedding-6772 wallace-wedding-6806 wallace-wedding-6811 wallace-wedding-6391 wallace-wedding-6825 wallace-wedding-7075 wallace-wedding-8860 wallace-wedding-7076 wallace-wedding-7094 wallace-wedding-7138 wallace-wedding-7164 wallace-wedding-7184 wallace-wedding-8946 wallace-wedding-8951

When you realize you just married your best friend…

wallace-wedding-7234 wallace-wedding-7221 wallace-wedding-7235

Jess made such a beautiful bride- LOOK at that smile 🙂

wallace-wedding-7273 wallace-wedding-7261 wallace-wedding-6690 wallace-wedding-8723 wallace-wedding-6707 wallace-wedding-8732 wallace-wedding-6712 wallace-wedding-7348 wallace-wedding-6858 wallace-wedding-6852 wallace-wedding-6834 wallace-wedding-7362 wallace-wedding-7373 wallace-wedding-7376

Not your typical bridal party photo….

wallace-wedding-7322 wallace-wedding-7300 wallace-wedding-7313 wallace-wedding-6386 wallace-wedding-7568 wallace-wedding-7540 wallace-wedding-7528 wallace-wedding-7581 wallace-wedding-7560 wallace-wedding-7552 wallace-wedding-7654

Notice the adorable matching pair of kicks.

wallace-wedding-7661 wallace-wedding-7682 wallace-wedding-7637 wallace-wedding-7613 wallace-wedding-7619 wallace-wedding-7711 wallace-wedding-7721 wallace-wedding-7724 wallace-wedding-7735 wallace-wedding-7763 wallace-wedding-7772 wallace-wedding-7874

The perfect ending to a winter woodland wedding!

wallace-wedding-7876 wallace-wedding-7881

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