Whitney- Senior

I have known Whitney for a few years, and I was really excited when she decided to use me for her senior pictures!! The sun played peek-a-boo with us and the clouds, but the weather was beautiful!!! Whitney plans to attend Collin College next year and beginIMG_3428 copy studying nursing.





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Lylliana turns 2!!

WOW! Lylliana was a such a cute little character. At the beginning of our 30 minute session she was a little timid, but it did not take too long until she was having a lot of fun with balloons, confetti, and her mom. I’m not sure Lylliana will go through a “terrible two’s” phase because she seemed so well behaved, but I know she will find fun in everything! I can’t get over how cute her outfit was; her mom did a great job in styling it! Enjoy these sneak peaks 🙂

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2015 Senior Model Search!!


Megan Kay Photography is searching for outgoing high school seniors that will be graduating in 2015! You can apply whether or not you have already had senior pictures taken this year. Megan is mainly looking for images to use as advertisement for her (fairly new) website. Megan Kay Photography’s 2015 Models will receive a lot of exclusive benefits and be involved in a luxe photo shoot that will provide them with unique images that will be loved by all! Once the models are chosen, Megan will find a day (most likely a Saturday) where the models and she spend the afternoon and evening getting ready, shooting, and making great memories!

This program is by application and selection only.
We are looking for models who are well-rounded, connected high schools, and appreciate the quality of Megan Kay Photography’s work. The best models will be ones who have a good style sense, are comfortable behind a camera, and have an outgoing personality. And finally, Senior models should use social media on a regularly to spread the word about the images and photo shoot they got from Megan Kay Photography.
You should share your experience with your fellow classmates by word of mouth and on social media.

You must currently be a 2015 Senior, graduating this spring.
You also agree to become a fan/follower of Megan Kay Photography on Facebook and Instagram and share photos and updates with your friends fairly regularly.
You and your parents must agree to sign a model release to allow Megan Kay Photography to use the images for advertising and promotional purposes.
Fill out the 2015 Senior Model form here.
We will only be able to accept a limited number of models, so don’t wait – apply today!
If you are selected we will talk more details and answer any questions you might have. If you have questions before applying, please email megankayphotography@gmail.com Get ready to have an awesome time!

Schneider Family (My mother’s side of the family)

I am SO EXCITED to share these photos for a few different reasons:

1) I LOVE MY FAMILY! I am so happy we are all together (well, currently I am stuck at college and they are together, but I’ll head back to see them soon)

2) The golden lighting in these photos is my favorite. I love catching the beautiful light right before the sun sets.

3) This is the pond and the boat on my property, and I would love to do more shoots here! Let me know if you are interested because this scene is especially perfect for couples and families.

Okay, now that you know the reasons for my excitement, I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures.

I would like to thank my friend Arlee for capturing the shot of my whole family, so that I could be in the picture!

The whole fam Parents and kids The sisters The grandkids The grandparents edIMG_1667 copy Little Brooklyn and her brothers The brothers Little Brooklyn Benjamin in the boat Family pictures in a boat Family pictures in a boat edIMG_1735 copylogo




Family Boat Session- Texas. Megan Kay Photography

LaFleur Boys

These boys were very gentlemanly for their age. They helped carry around my equipment and props and were very happy to do so. Garrett is a very dedicated Boy Scout- look at ALL those badges! I know he has to be good at what he does. His younger brother Wyatt is also a Boy Scout, and he plans to achieve all that his brother has and more! I really enjoyed the Americana feel that the Boy Scout uniform, American flag, and flannel shirts brought to the shoots. Enjoy this sneak peak 🙂

Americana Boyscout Session Americana Boyscout Session 3 Americana Boyscout Session 2 Americana Brother Session 1 Americana Brother Session 4 Americana Brother Session 5 Americana Brother Session 7 Americana Brother Session Americana Brother Session 8 Americana Brother Session 6 Americana Brother Session 3


Americana Brother Session 2

Whaley Family

Rockwall TX Family Photographer Rockwall TX Family Photographer 1 Family pose with ages in Chalk Family Pose on Train Tracks- Megan Kay Photography Megan Kay Photography- Rockwall TX photosessionsarefun Family pose good for multiple ages-Megan Kay Photography- Rockwall PhotographerWow! This family is so beautiful~inside and out. It was a joy to be able to capture their love for one another. We had a fun with a variety of different family poses. We focused this session primarily on the family and the three older kids and had another session for the two youngest on a different day.Sisters- Megan Kay Photography- Rockwall TX

Christina- Mabank Senior

Christina was such a joy to photograph. She had such a lovely bubbly personality that could bring a smile to anyone’s face. Christina is in the top 10% of her class and was accepted to A&M early in the semester- quite an accomplishment! Christina you are beautiful and have a bright future ahead of you!

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Caitlyn- Wills Point Senior

Caitlyn and I had a great session. She arrived with several outfits pre-arranged on hangers, and it allowed us to lose less time in between outfits. She made me aware of her preferred style, and we worked to cater her session around it. Caitlyn plans to attend Texas Woman’s University and study nursing. She is excited to be graduating early and start attending college in the spring! edIMG_2736edIMG_2647bwedIMG_2714edIMG_2779edIMG_2765edIMG_2811edIMG_2831edIMG_2863edIMG_2819edIMG_2894edIMG_2895edIM_12345


Hello and welcome to the new website and blog!

I am so excited to be able to document my work and journey as a professional photographer, and I hope that you will follow me along the way! If you are reading this, then you have found my blog. This is where I will post my favorite photos from each session after editing. I hope that you will enjoy looking through them and also share them on social media.

My Contact page is where you can find all the info you will need in order to contact me to book your custom photo session or ask any questions.

On the About page, you can read a little bit about me (Megan) as your photographer, get to know The Process that goes into a photo session, and figure out The Pricing of each session.

The Galleries give you a brief look into some of my favorite shots from the different types of sessions I offer.

I hope you enjoy looking through my site and will return to see what I add!

Thank you,


P.S. Here’s a little more about me:

I am a college student with a passion for photography. I attend a university in Denton, but my family’s residence is in the Rockwall area. I am working to finish college debt free, but plan to continue photography throughout my life. Here are some fun facts about me: 1) My middle name is Hawaiian, Kealoha (pronounced Kay- Aloha) and my business is named after that! It means “One who is loved.” 2) I am not at all Hawaiian (although, I sometimes I wish I was, who doesn’t love Hawaii?). 3) I am a competitive nerd, always striving to be the best. 4) I was valedictorian of my HS class. 5) I am newly allergic to milk and really miss chocolate. Whenever I find dark chocolate without milk, I get really excited.

Now for the important part:

Photography is my passion! When I’m not photographing for clients, I grab a friend or a sibling and set up another shoot. I think about how beautiful the scenery or lighting around me would look through a lens. I watch movies and admire the artistry behind the film making. I stay up late reading up on how to better my photography and even later when I get excited to put the new tips into practice. These few examples might all sound kind of crazy, but it is 100% true for me.

I have been photographing professionally for over one year now and have thoroughly enjoyed expanding my portfolio from kids, couples, babies, families, weddings, and my favorite, seniors. I love love LOVE Pinterest and recreating ideas my clients or I find.

I strive to show everyone how truly beautiful they are and to capture the joy and feelings of the subject; I want all my clients to be proud of how they look in each image. I work hard to tailor each session to the client’s desires and style before the shoot and after in digital editing and retouching.

I REALLY hope to get to know you and share my passion and love for this art with you!

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